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TimberMart-South is celebrating over 45 years of excellence in timber price reporting.
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Jonathan Smith ›

Executive Director

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Jacek Siry, PhD ›

Senior Research Editor

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Harrison Hood, PhD ›

Research Editor

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Sara Baldwin ›

Senior News Editor

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Matthew Gaw ›

Data Manager/Staff Editor

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Cathy Law ›

Administrative Coordinator

Graduate Student Assistants

TimberMart-South (TMS) revenues directly support the forestry profession through education by offering employment in the form of graduate-level student assistantships. Every year, TMS employs several student workers through graduate assistantships. Working with TMS provides students an opportunity to develop skills necessary for forestry positions such as consulting firms, forestry positions in government and non-government organizations, real estate investment trusts (REITs), timberland investment management organizations (TIMOs), timberland lenders, and other forestry professions.

 TMS 2024 Spring Graduate Assistants:

To learn more about applying to a graduate program at Warnell School of Forestry & Natural Resources, visit http://www.ugacfb.com/mfr-degree/assistantships/. To learn more about graduate-level forestry assistantship opportunities at TMS, please contact us at tmart@timbermart-south.com.